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Grocery Outlet Customer Satisfaction survey at Survey Groceryoutlet com home

Inside this guide, we’ll present each the details you need to be able to get and complete a Grocery Outlet Survey. After you browse through our steps, the remains will be easy as you want to do. Please follow each and every step given below to avoid any failed attempts.

Grocery Outlet Survey Customer/Guest Satisfaction Feedback at Survey Groceryoutlet com home

Survey Groceryoutlet com home

Grocery Outlet Survey Rewards Guide :

One of the most significant benefits of finishing a Grocery Outlet survey is, in just 10 minutes of your spare time, you have the chance of getting a beautiful card to spend at GO Grocery Outlet stores in over-all the country.

Every month, the company chooses one special customer feedback submission and gives them a $250 gift card. If you want to grab this chance and you were recently a Grocery Outlet customer, follow these Grocery Outlet Survey Guide.

Things You Need To Complete Grocery Outlet Survey :

Grocery Outlet Survey

Fortunately, there are no notable restrictions or guidelines for completing a Grocery Outlet Satisfaction Survey. The only condition you have to fulfil is, you need to have been a customer of this organization lately, with a receipt to prove it.

Grocery Outlet Survey Customer/Guest Satisfaction Feedback | Coupons Worth $100 ??

Be sure you keep your receipt after buying, as you want to go into a unique code to reply the Grocery Outlet Survey.

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Steps To Complete Grocery Outlet Online Rewards Survey :

Before you get started with Grocery Outlet Customer Satisfaction Survey/Review, make sure that you have your customer receipt with you to get the details you need while completing the survey.

Following that, all you have to do is go through the next steps in our Grocery Outlet Customer Survey chart, (complete with customer survey sample questions).

Grocery Outlet Survey

Make Sure To Choose Your Proffered Language, As the portal have two options, 1. English 2. Spanish, Press Yellow Button To Select Language.

1. You will automatically redirect to the beginning Grocery Outlet Client Satisfaction Survey Page for English Speakers. You will be informed of the reason, why the outlet wants you to complete a Grocery Outlet Survey and about the Award, you can win.

On the Right side of the display, you will see four empty areas and the Request “Please enter your Survey Access Code as shown in your Grocery Outlet sales receipt.”

If you are not Clear where your Grocery Outlet Client Satisfaction Survey Code located?, then you can consider the photo of The receipt that the Grocery Outlet has provided, with an example of an access code surrounded in red sign in your 14 digit Grocery Outlet Client Satisfaction Survey Code. Click on start after inserting code correctly.

2. “What is the likelihood that you will shop at this Grocery Outlet store again in the next month?” Here is the first question that will ask, and you have to rate it fro “0 to 10”, where 0 means ‘Extremely Unlikely’ and 10 means ‘Extremely Likely’.

3. Following that, the Grocery Outlet Client Satisfaction Survey Proceeds with Rating your degree of overall satisfaction with your most recent visit to a Grocery Outlet shop. Choose from 1 (Very Dissatisfied) to 5 (Very Satisfied).

4. You will be suggested to rate 5 features of your encounter with one of the following types of feedback: Strongly Disagree (1), Disagree (2), Neutral (3), Agree (4) Strongly Agree (5) or N/A. The questions are related to cashiering attitude, accuracy, respect, wait time in line and overall speed for check out.

5. The next set of questions associated with the store cleanliness, maintenance, display, organization, lighting, transparent pricing, and quality. Rate each from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree).

6. Describe how many miles away the Grocery Outlet you’ve visited from your home (from “Less than 1 mile” to “More than 15 miles”) and how you discovered about Grocery Outlet (Online, Drove/walked past it, Circular / weekly ad, TV ad, testimonial from a friend/family member, etc.).

7. Please rate your happiness regarding the selection of healthy, natural, speciality and organic products from 1 to 5 (Not at all satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, neutral, somewhat satisfied or extremely satisfied).

8. To proceed, answer a few private questions connected to gender, age, annual household income, people in your household or ethnicity.

9. If you have any additional remarks, you can leave them in the indicated section in the next step.

10. Subsequently, state if you want to get Grocery Outlet newsletters or not and give your contact details (name, number – 10 digits only, without spaces -, email and street address).

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grocery outlet survey

General Information About Grocery Outlet :

Formerly described as Canned Foods Grocery Outlet, the grocery store chain Grocery Outlet, Inc. now has approximately 226 places.

The company was founded in 1946 by Jim Read and has expanded into a hugely sought-after “bargain market” since the producers advertise their services. Among the outputs which Grocery Outlet sells you can locate meat, dairy, produce, deli, frozen goods, bakery and general grocery.

To find out all you want to know concerning Grocery Outlet you can go to their official website at

Grocery Outlet Company Hours

The Grocery Outlet hours of operation differ, according to the specific store. By way of example, an Ellis Street Grocery Outlet operates between 8 am and 9 pm, while a Riverside Drive Grocery Outlet is open from 8 am to 8 pm.

To find the specific operating hours for a particular Grocery Outlet shop, please utilize the Grocery Outlet Locations section provided below.

grocery outlet survey

Grocery Outlet Contact

You may post a message to Grocery Outlet customer assistance by using this online form:

You need to leave a valid email address so you can receive Grocery Outlet’s answer to your inquiry or feedback. If you prefer an article, you can write a message to the postal address

Grocery Outlet

Corporate Office

5650 Hollis Street

Emeryville, CA 94608

Grocery Outlet Phone Number

Those who prefer communication by phone can call one of these two phone numbers: 510 704 6556 for Customer Service or 510 845 1999 for Corporate Office.

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 Grocery Outlet Feedback Survey Social Media site

grocery outlet survey

Grocery Outlet Company Client Reviews

It appears that the vast majority of customers have a pretty positive view of Grocery Outlet. Various Grocery Outlet shops on Yelp, by way of instance, possess 4.5-star ratings. Nonetheless, there are some with 3.5-star ratings, but it is all subservient on particular stores and their places.

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