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Kroger is recognized as the biggest and leading supermarket chain in the United States of America. This company was found in 1883 by Bernard Kroger.

Right after its establishment, Kroger always emphasized to deliver the utmost retailing services to its customers all over America.

Kroger is immensely popular due to its unmatchable and supreme customer experience. Its prime focus on customers has given marvelous success to Kroger as compared to other competitors in the market, which has resulted in making the Kroger the prevalent supermarket, the second largest retailing company and the seventh biggest brand in the United States of America.


KrogerFeedback Survey

Kroger offers a huge range of products and services to its customers. Once you enter in any Kroger outlet, you can get anything ranging from dairy, organic food, cleaning, health, bakery, beauty, cosmetics, personal care different kinds of meat and much more.

To remain updated with their customer experience, Kroger has designed an effective feedback survey on its official website page at

With the help of this online KrogerFeedback survey, Kroger keeps analyzing that how to give the best to its customers, in which areas they need to do more focus and how to enhance their customer’s experience.

This Kroger customer satisfaction feedback survey at Kroger is thoroughly managed and monitored by all management groups that providing different services. They integrate all stores, supermarkets, retailer outlets, pharmacies, and many more.

KrogerFeedback survey is critically analyzed by the management so that Kroger can extract valuable feedback from the participants of the survey. Check also greatpeople login.

Kroger is using fully automated and advanced technology for this online feedback survey so that gathered data can be utilized effectively to provide the finest experience for its customers.

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Customer’s Reward on Filling the KrogerFeedback Survey

Kroger offered an online feedback survey on their authorized website page at You can take part in this survey only if you are a Kroger customer. Kroger has always provided attractive rewards to its valuable clients.

This online sweepstakes survey helps you to win fascinating grocery cards, plus cards, digital coupons, gift cards, and fuel points. This is interesting, right? You just have to enter some basic data and rate your experience and can enjoy a free reward by Kroger.

The basic aim of KrogerFeedback survey is to get an idea that the current services and products are giving optimum satisfaction to the customers. This online survey aids Kroger to measure the satisfaction level of their purchasers and also provide a chance to win amazing gifts or rewards to the participants. There is a high probability that you can win

krogerfeedback survey

KrogerFeedback Survey Sweepstakes Rewards, Prize And Kroger Free Fuel 50 Points

  • 50 Bonus Fuel Points
  • $ 100 Gift Cards
  • $ 5,000 Grand Prize; This is what you can win by just providing your opinion at KrogerFeedback.

All you have to do is just provide your genuine feedback based on the shopping experience at Kroger. You can redeem these gifts on the next purchase or visit to any Kroger outlet in America.

This online platform allows you to share your shopping and purchasing experience through official Kroger survey.

This KrogerFeedback survey includes various questions incorporates different areas of the supply chain to make sure that the end product is delivery the promised satisfaction standard to its customers.

Reward on filling KrogerFeedback survey at

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KrogerFeedback Survey Reward of Fuel Points and free $5000 Gift Card

Kroger has always entertained its clients by offering and rewarding commendable offers. When you fill the customer satisfaction feedback at, there are chances that you can win free fuel points.

Kroger conduct lottery draws on a monthly basis, which compromises all the entries from an online feedback survey.

These monthly draw select random 12 lucky winners to avail 50 fuel points for free. You can use these free points on your next visit to the fuel station. Just show your winner receipt and redeem free 50 fuel points.

In addition to free fuel points, you can also get a chance to get free Kroger gift cards worth of $5000. Just fill their online feedback survey and keep enjoying free rewards.

When you will win, the team of Kroger will directly contact you through the information that you will provide online. They will tell you all the details of your prize including winning amount, its usage, its expiry, and its delivery.

krogerfeedback survey

Rules & Requirements for KrogerFeedback Survey

To participate in this remarkable online customer satisfaction KrogerFeedback survey, you must fulfill all the required conditions assigned by the company. The basic requirements and conditions include:

  • You must have a strong internet connection. You can use your Wi-Fi or cellular network to get logged in to the official website of Kroger at
  • Make sure that your connection is smooth so that you can fill out KrogerFeedback survey without connectivity issues.
  • Another important thing is that must have done shopping from Kroger within 7 days. You can do so by visiting any nearest outlet in your area.
  • This survey can only get started when you enter the receipt number that has been activated for the last 7 days.
  • If you enter any other or older receipt number, the online survey will show error and will not let you enter the survey.
  • This survey is available in two official languages English and Spanish. You can select any of these languages before starting the survey.
  • To enter this online feedback survey, you must have at least basic knowledge of English or Spanish.
  • You can participate in this survey only if your age is at least 18 or more.
  • You must be a resident of the United States of America

This online KrogerFeedback survey will not take more than 12 minutes, but will surely give you the best experience at the Kroger store.

Also, Kroger allows you to enjoy free rewards for spending your precious time on giving your valuable feedback through this online survey.

So, basically, it is a win-win situation for you as a participant of this customer satisfaction survey.

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Steps for Filling Online KrogerFeedback Survey

Kroger is recognized as a brand of delivering the utmost customer satisfaction services. The appreciate able aspect of this retailing brand is, it keeps on working on all the aspects of stores including manufacturing, delivering, dealing and much more to give the outstanding shopping experience as compared to other competitors. This survey helps Kroger to further enhance and improve their services including

• Availability of products or brand,

• Dealing with staff with customers,

• Productive offers and rewards to the customers and much more.

To help this outstanding brand to grow further, you need to follow the below steps for taking part in the Kroger Feedback survey

1. Firstly log in to the official survey page

2. Select your desired language. You can choose either English or Spanish. The option of changing language is available at the left bottom of the landing page of the survey.

3. A page will appear on which you need to enter the required information to get started with the survey. You have to enter the following

  1. The date when you last visited the store
  2. Time of your visit at any outlet of Kroger
  3. ID number.

All these information are typically available of the receipt that you collected from any Kroger store outlet.

Main Page of

Kroger receipt with information required for survey

As shown above, you can easily see the date, time and ID available on the receipt of the Kroger store

4. After entering all the information, click on the button Start to enter the authorized feedback survey of Kroger.

5. You will get a series of different questions. These questions are based on different options. Once you will select the option and submit your answer only then you can get the next question. You must give your authentic feedback to make this survey productive for the company

6. In addition to the available options, you can also enter any further suggestion or complaint in the available section of this feedback survey.

After completing the survey, you will have to enter your personal information. This is essential so that the team of Kroger can contact you to inform you about your reward. Kroger Company makes sure to keep your all personal data secure, so you do not have to tension regarding your personal data exploitation.

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krogerfeedback survey

Questions in KrogerFeedback Survey

This online feedback survey is carefully designed to cater to all important elements and aspects that can enhance the customer experience. You will get questions from distinct departments.

To answer this question, either you will get options or you have to rate your experience on a scale of satisfaction.

The most prominent question that you will get includes

1. From which department you did your purchase? You will get the list of different departments including deli, dairy, organic foods, store food, meats or seafood, bakery, and others. You can select more than one option.

2. Then you have to rate your overall satisfaction with your shopping experience. You will get the option for rating including

  1. Highly satisfied
  2. Satisfied
  3. Neither satisfied or dissatisfied
  4. Dissatisfied
  5. Highly dissatisfied

3. After this, you have to rate your experience for particular aspects including

  1. Staff friendliness
  2. Wait time
  3. Prices comparison
  4. Price comparison on sale items or on weekly items as compared to other competitors in the market
  5. Quality of store brand
  6. The behavior of check out staff and many more

4. After this general overview, this survey will ask a question-related to different segments of stores including deli department, produce department, bakery department and others. Most of the questions include friendliness, cleanliness, and value of that particular department.

5. Other questions include your detailed experience with the Kroger store, any problem that you face during the purchasing process and will you come to shop again at any Kroger outlet.

6. This survey will also allow you to write anything related to your Kroger experience. If you want to give them any suggestions or want to complain regarding anything, you can conveniently do that by writing your valuable thoughts.

This survey of Kroger Company will not take much time. You can fill it within some minutes but will help your favorite brand to keep growing and flourishing.

Kroger Survey Entry Code

KrogerFeedback Survey

When you visit the Kroger Feedback Survey Page, you are asked to enter the Date, Time, and Entry ID; you can see it on your receipt as shown above,
Accordingly, you have to enter on the page of your survey.

FAQs For KrogerFeedback Survey

1. How do I get more fuel points at Kroger?

You can earn Fuel Points by shopping in the store or on their website.

Grocery: Speaking of groceries, you get one fuel point for every dollar spent on groceries.

2. How often can you do the Kroger survey?

You can take the Kroger survey as many times as you want, but one thing to keep in mind is that you will need different valid receipts each time.

3. How are Kroger fuel points calculated?

Kroger fuel points calculation: Whenever you purchase with your Shopper’s Card, you get one fuel point for every dollar you spend, and you get a double fuel point on the gift card.

4. How do I use last month’s Kroger fuel points?

To use last month’s Kroger fuel points: To use more than 100 points from your previous month’s total, select AMT Change Option 2 when asked how to use the points? And enter an amount equal to or less than your last month’s total.

5. How do I redeem Kroger fuel points at the pump?

To redeem Kroger fuel points at the pump: visit Kroger gas station and Scan your Kroger Plus Card to get an initial 10-cents per gallon discount.

6. Can I use Kroger fuel points at BP?

They earn 100  Kroger Fuel Points rewards with a 10-cent per gallon ( And up to $1) discount at BP stations or its Amoco subsidiary.

7. How long do Kroger fuel points last?

Kroger Fuel Points Expiration Table
Fuel Points Earned in the Month of Expire at the End of This Day
January 2/28 or 2/29
February 3/31
March 4/30
April 5/31
May 6/30
June 7/31
July 8/31
August 9/30
September 10/31
October 11/30
November 12/31
December 1/31

8. Are Kroger fuel points worth it?

Kroger fuel points worth: For every 10 Kroger points, you get a discount of 1 cent per gallon; Kroger makes it easy to earn fuel points by paying 2x to 4x bonus earnings per dollar on groceries and gift cards.

9. Does anyone ever win the Kroger sweepstakes?

Win the Kroger Sweepstakes: Randomly People Winning Kroger sweepstakes, and usually, People redeem 100 to unlimited fuel points a week.

10. How do I check my Kroger schedule online?

Check My Kroger Schedule Online

  • You Require EUID and Password (same as those you used for accessing the Hrexpress/Express website).
  • Now visit and enter your EUID and Password provided, then click on “I AGREE.”
  • You can now see your Kroger, “MY E-schedule.” 
  • Now click on it and check your schedule.

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