Thank God Its Friday – TGIF Survey Guide

T.G.I. Friday’s Guest Experience Feedback 

You’ll discover about the benefits for completing out the TGIF poll, in addition to the prerequisites that you want to have the ability to participate.TGI Friday’s Customer Satisfaction Survey 

T.G.I. Friday’s Guest Experience Feedback

TGIF is a global brand and doing hugely profitable business all over the world. TGIF is something different from its competitors & gives you please when you go for an outing with your family, to spend some quality time with them.


Our TGIF Survey Guide will teach you all basic information from the TGI Fridays poll you want to know.

You’ll discover about the benefits for completing out the TGIF poll, in addition to the prerequisites that you want to have the ability to participate.

Along with these, you will also find out about the TGI Fridays hours of performance, the TGIF Stars and Stripes reward program, as well as the TGI Fridays shop locator the UK and US residents, will probably be considering. Find out more about this TGIF poll below.

TGIF Survey Rewards 2019

The TGI poll was made for clients to provide their feedback on the services and products they appreciated through the TGIF franchise. You can express the best parts of your visit with the TGIFridays poll, or the parts you believe would need some upgrades.

For case, if the TGI Friday hours of operation or the TGIF shop locator were disturbing for you, it is possible to let the management team know through the TGIF survey.

In any case, the very best thing about the TGIF poll is they take your comments into account. If you’re a loyal customer of the restaurant, you will enjoy better services the next time you opt to dine there.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any extra rewards for the TGI Fridays Survey. While most restaurants decide to provide a discount or a free menu thing for participants, the TGIF survey lacks this option.

But, you may register for the TGIF Give Me More Stripes program (sign up here) for benefits and perks of this kind. You’ll have access to meetings, coupons and other perks as you earn your stripes. To learn more about the program, please click on the link mentioned above.

TGIF Survey Basic Requirements

For your participation in the TGIFriday Poll to be legit, You have to meet a few basic requirements. To start with, you need to be a customer of TGI Fridays (old or new, no problem in this case), and this means that you will need to have the reception from the latest trip close to you, as you’ll need to enter details from it.

When you know all these basic requirements, and If you’re interested in locating a TGI Fridays restaurant in Your area, with considering TGIF hours of operation, feel free to utilize the TGI Fridays shop locator.

Enter your zip code or city and discover all the restaurants which are in your region. You will also see the TGI Fridays hours of operations for all of the places that show up based on your search criteria.

If You are already a client with a receipt/bill , you are qualified for the TGI Fridays survey.

You’ll only new a few minutes (10 at the most) to complete the TGIF Survey Rewards, and therefore you don’t have to think about it consuming too much your precious time. What you may need, however, is a computer or a mobile device which connected to the Internet to take the TGI Fridays survey.

You can efficiently use a Smartphone or a tablet/computer, but the questions could be viewed better on a Desktop computer or a notebook. Whatever device you select on taking the TGIF survey from, just make sure that it’s securely attached to the internet.

If the internet connection Isn’t secure, you will most likely Be backed out of this TGIF Survey Rewards halfway through.

TGIF Survey: How to Complete It?


With all conditions and requirements in mind and you’re ready to participate in the TGIF Rewards, which provided you Fulfill some basic experience questions asked you to earn rewards. Get your receipt and computer prepared and undergo the Instructions we’ve supplied below:

  1. Visit the official TGIF survey page at There Are Lots of ways Which You Can get it, but the safest and Quickest one is by just clicking our clickable link. To Ensure That you have reached The official page, check the image we’ve mentioned just above this Section of the TGIF Survey Guide.
  2. If You Would like to participate in The TGIF survey in Spanish, you can click the blue button which starts the poll in the Spanish Language. It Ought to Be around the bottom right corner of this TGIF survey portal.
  3. Before you Begin with all the questions, TGIF Must check that you are a genuine client, and this is the segment where You have to get your receipt/bill. In the first empty box, input the barcode or number (bill number) which printed on your receipt.
  4. From the second empty box, Opt for the period of your purchase from the three small drop-down menus That appear on your screen. You should have the precise timestamp published On your reception, in the top half.
  5. If You’re ready to go, press on the red Start
  6. Answer the questions which come up on your screen depending on the last time you seen with a TGI Fridays restaurant.

Necessary Information & Opening Hours

It is crucial to answering just based on your final experience, as the information will probably achieve the management team of the particular restaurant you dined.

If you have any added or overall observations, you will have the strength to include them at one stage in the poll. If you would like not to explain one of the questions at the TGIF survey, you can still go on completing it.

It’s inspired that you don’t leave your computer while going through the TGIF survey. You’ll be automatically disconnected if over 20 minutes pass without any activity on a webpage.

As we mentioned, it won’t take a great deal of time. Therefore it is far better to finish it from beginning to end without pauses.

If any topics you wished to comment not included in the TGIF poll, you can get in touch with their customer service during the online contact form on their website.

All you need to do is go to and fill out the mandatory fields. It helps if you include your date and time of the trip, the name of the employee that served you and the shop number so their team can adequately recognize the restaurant you dined. Combine your comments all in the field at the bottom of the screen.

TGIF Opening Hours/ Closing Hours

As we mentioned earlier, TGIF globally praised restaurant/club chain spread worldwide. TGIF operates with 900+ hotels in 60+ countries. So, there are respective opening hours for an individual country, you can check the TGIF store with the query TGIF Near Me.

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Contact details:

  • T.G.I. Friday’s Guest Customer Service Number:022 6127 3971
  • Address: G73, R City Mall, Lal Bahadur Shastri Road, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086

T.G.I. Friday’s Guest Feedback Survey Social Media site:

Have good food with your coupons! This online survey will give T.G.I. Friday’s Guest Experience Feedback the feedback they need to keep their customers satisfied and happy.

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